Stop feeling unsure about brows. Get the ANSWERS to Shape Natural Brows TODAY with EASE!

Set up expectations that have clients wanting to come back for more because their brows look good today and will continue to thrive under your care.

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    Brow Anatomy

    • Module One Brow Anatomy

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    Room for Growth

    • Module Two Room for Growth

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    Retain & Maintain

    • Module Three Retain and Maintain

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Secrets of Natural Brow Shaping

What are people saying about the course?

  • One video alone showed me how to elevate my brow game and save time!

  • I always wondered how Jazz made thin brows look fuller.

  • It's given me a lot of ideas. I think after 15yrs of doing it the same way, practically with my eyes closed it's nice to think of it differently.

  • Learn how to prevent thinning brows, maintain & enhance natural brows and retain clients with ease in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES!


I spent over TEN YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars to learn what I share in this course in less than 30min.

For me, getting into brows wasn’t part of the original plan. In fact, I planned to focus on nails. Unfortunately, no nail courses were available, so I enrolled in an esthetics course and after graduation, quickly learned that many of my first clients just wanted their brows done. Still, I felt reluctant to offer brow services; having heard stories of clients going elsewhere and feeling less than thrilled with their brow experience. I nervously started waxing and tweezing and tinting, without much of a game plan, just the will to try. I knew that results like these were unacceptable, and that drove my desire to understand brows more fully. After years of training to perfect my craft and create my welcoming and cozy St. Thomas brow studio, I realized I needed to share my knowledge and help other local pros offer the best brows too (honestly, just to take some of the load off my full books at the time). Eventually, I created Secrets of Natural Brow Shaping to encourage beauty pros all over the world help their clients feel well taken care of during their brow shaping appointments, all while feeling more confident in their own brow shaping skills and earning enough to make brows more than just a "quick add on".

Meet your Instructor

Jazz the BROW BOSS

Jazz is passionate about restoring their clients’ brow confidence by offering individualized brow services, expert insight, and the tools to maintain any brow look. After feeling burnt out by full books, several months out, Jazz had to share their brow knowledge with the world!